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Bell House, Cragg Vale - HLS06087
Home of the notorious Cragg coiner David "King" Hartley.

Bell House, Cragg Vale - HLS06083
Home of the notorious Cragg coiner David "King" Hartley.

Old Gate and Old Bridge, Hebden Bridge - HLS06082
Looking along Old Gate and the Hebden Water in the centre of the town towards Bridge Mill. Taken prior to the construction of the Council Offices and St Georges Bridge mid-1890s.

Oakwell Hall, View from South Edge of Moat - HLS05992
Slide 14. Such is the central point of the scenery in which walk the dauntless 'Shirley', the gentle Caroline, the Rectors, the inimitable Curates, and all the dramatis personae who take part in this perfect West Riding Drama.

As it is around this…

Oakwell Hall, Plaster Work to Windows - HLS05991
Slide 13. The sides of the mullioned windows in the same room are ornamented with some quaintly designed decoration plaster panels.

Kirklees Hall, Showing Old Mullioned Windows to South Side - HLS05939
Slide 12 - This view shows some of the old mullioned windows of the late Elizabethan period, which have, unlike the northern front, escaped mutilation.

Heath Old Hall, Chimney Piece in Long Gallery - HLS05901
Slide 6: Mr John Wombwell, an East Indian Nabob (a person, especially a European, who has made a large fortune in India or another country of the East), who lived here towards the end of the eighteenth century, is said to have spent a large sum of…

Heath Old Hall, Inner Hall and Staircase - HLS05900
Slide 5: The central hall as shown on slide, was formerly open to the sky to give light to the gallery on the first floor.

This well was afterwards roofed in, covered with glass by the Right honourable John Smythe, the owner of the Mansion. A…

Heath Old Hall, Stairway to Terrace - HLS05899
Slide 4: This shows the nearer view of the stairway leading to the terrace, just alluded to. It is noteworthy that a house that has passed through so many hands should have remained so little spoiled externally in its main features as this house has…

Heath Old Hall, from the South - HLS05898
Slide 3: The exterior is better described in picture than it can be in words. The elevated position of the house adds to its distinction, as well as its picturesqueness, as may be seen in the curious terraces and stairway on the south frontage, the…

Heath Old Hall, from the South East - HLS05897
Slide 2: Witham's son dying without issue, the property came to his sister Mary, better known as the munificent Lady Bolles. She was a wealthy ladyand was created a baroness in her own right. Lady Bolles dies at the Old Hall in May 1662 but was…

Heath Old Hall, East Front - HLS05896
Slide 1: Heath Old Hall, the residence of Mr Gilbert Tennent, deservres to be accounted among the finest Yorkshire houses of the Elizabethan period. Its situation is striking, perched on a wooded cliff, overlooking the Calder Valley.

It appears to…

Ledston Hall, from the North West - HLS05834
Slide 10 - Passing along the terrace path another view is taken in the opposite direction, showing one of the corner Towers and a portion of the building front facing west.

Sir John Lewis, who died in 1671, left no son to inherit his properties,…