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War Cemetery - KES00147
The tunnel was opened 18th July 1934

War Cemetery - KES00144
What was the celebration?

War Cemetery - KES00143
What was the celebration?

War Cemetery - KES00142
What was the event?

War Cemetery - KES00140
Noah Dale Bridge over Noah Dale Water/Colden Water, c2003.

War Cemetery - KES00138
Mysterious mound below Noah Dale dam, possibly of puddle clay for repairing leaking dam prior to its final collapse in 1939.

War Cemetery - KES00131
Interior of Brearley Chapel showing balcony being removed to facilitate conversion.

War Cemetery - KES00129
Brearley Chapel at the start of conversion into 6 apartments. In July 2014, the complex was for sale at £1.25m.

War Cemetery - KES00126
Grade II listed properties at Nos. 10 & 12 Blind Lane, Brearley.

War Cemetery - KES00125
Grade II listed Upper Blind Lane Farm with barn.

War Cemetery - KES00124
Looking down Upper Blind Lane, showing stone sets.