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Bernard and brother Derek, Derek is in the pram, in about 1936 at Albion Terrace, Hebden Bridge.
Bernard Ingham, seated right, with brother John, and their parents. Photo taken at Albion Terrace, Hebden Bridge.
A traditional mummer's play. The Pace Egg Play, performed annually on Good Friday at various venues around Hebden Bridge. Revived locally around 1931and broadcast by the BBC. It's not clear who is in this photo, which is taken in St George's…
The procession is going up Smith Well Lane. The banner indicates the Wesleyan Sunday School at Heptonstall. Notice the Union Jack flags from several houses and the decorated arch at the top of Towngate in the distance. Postcard.
Children with horse & cart, including evacuees to help with hay making. This is near Slack Bottom and was farmed by Longbottom's. Eileen Longbottom is one of the smaller children inside the cart. Some of the other children were evacuees brought to…
Procession to Cornholme Parish Church.

F. Mills, Mayor

Councillors: Ellis Scholfield, Eric Dennett?, Bernard Crowther, Albert Marshall, Keith Cockcroft
Back row L to R

Kenneth Jacques, Billy Jacques, Norman Stansfield, ? Greenwood?, Raymond Bairstow, Lyra Bairstow, Florence Dean, Eileen Beevers, Wilfred Beevers, Margaret Crowther, Jacqueline Marshall, unknown, Jonathan Stansfield

Taken after 1916 and before 1923. A lot of these pupils came from Robinwood. Sitting front left is Alice Crowther.
Choir (L to R)

Joan Oldfield, Ann Lightburn, Julie Yates, Claire Wilkinson (front), Joyce Brierley, Marylin Yare, Rachel Hodgins, Jean Wilkinson, Susan Hodgins, Pauline Waite, Barbara Lord, Susan Collinge

Shephards: Patricia Boyle, ? Whittaker,…
Teachers: Mr J. Briggs and Miss Townsend

Back row - L to R

Lilian Crabtree, Florence Thomas, Vera Hirst, ? , Alice Dawson, Violetta Greenlees, Rebecca Holden?, Elizabeth Higgin, Alice Greenlees, Millie Jowett (next to Mr. Briggs)

"A Midsummer Night's Dream". Mabel Ormerod, Janet Mallison, Vera Hirst, Alice Dawson.
Parade of Sunday School Queens. Rachel Kerr, Andrew Wilkinson, Marie Chaffer, Gillian Clark, 1978 - Cheryl Wilkinson, 1979 - Helen Mycock, 1974 - Liz Jackson, 1975 - Janet Bairstow, 1964 - Susan Collinge, 1966 - Joy Crossley, 1967 - Ann Lightburn,…
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