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LYRS 2769 - Rear view of the 'up' platform Because the station was built on an embankment the buildings, including signal box, were supported on stilts. The 'up' platform was accessed by a covered walk way from the first floor of the three storey…
LYRS 1442 - Hughes 0-8-0 Number 1357 heading a goods train between Luddendenfoot and Sowerby Tunnel. To the right of the funnel, St Walburga's Catholic Church on Burnley Road is just visible.
LYRS 1157 - Aspinall 4-4-2, Highflyer, No 737 heading a Leeds express with bogie stock carriages, as opposed to rigidly-mounted axles, on the embankment between Luddendenfoot and Sowerby Tunnel. Above the smoke the tower of the former…
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