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Built in the late 1870s as Todmorden's Workhouse but after 1948 it became a hospital for the mentally handicapped. The building was demolished in 1996.
Originally Peel Mill it was converted into an isolation, or fever, hospital in 1875 following a smallpox epidemic in Todmorden in which 32 people died. It closed after the Second World War.
The Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre was a gift to the town from a local family with textile mills in the area. The Clinic built on the site of their Ridgefoot Mill was opened on 23 July 1938 by the Princess Royal. It closed in 1992 and was later…
The Fielden Hospital, Stoodley Grange, was built as an isolation hospital then, reopened as a children's hospital before becoming a hospital for mentally handicapped patients in connection with nearby Stansfield View Hospital. Now converted to…
Aerial view of Halifax. Left of centre is Halifax General Hospital.
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