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The Town Hall opened in 1875 and the statue of John Fielden, seen here, was moved to Fielden Square in 1890.
View across Christ Church and the town to Cross Stone Church on the far hillside. Just discernible below the hillside on the left are the platforms of Stansfield Hall Station on the Todmorden - Burnley line. The station closed in 1944. Stansfield…
View over the station goods yard to the Unitarian Chapel.
Holme Station Cliviger on the Todmorden-Burnley 'Copy Pit' line. On 27th October 1907 some wagons on a coal train became detached at Copy Pit and rolled back down and leaving the track demolished the Booking Office killing the Booking Clerk.
View over the railway station to the town and Heptonstall hillside. Bottom right the municipal gas works at Crow Nest. The station wedged between the railway warehouse and Victoria Mill.
The long low building along the canal bank is Beeton Rope Works. Above left the western portal of Horsfall Tunnel.
Hallroyd east of Todmorden town centre is where the Burnley line divides from the Manchester and Leeds line. The signal box and signals, but not the junction, seen here.
The mill on Burnley Road was originally a cotton mill built in 1861 with subsequent extensions. Now occupied by furniture manufacturers.
Looking up the valley. Burnley Road from Todmorden passing under the railway bridge on the right. To the left a railway siding.
Portsmouth looking up towards Burnley. Just discernible right of centre the small station on the Todmorden- Burnley 'Copy Pit' line, closed 1958.
Looking up the valley over the small mill town towards Burnley with the station more or less in the centre. The station had opened in 1878 and closed in 1938. The chimney to the left of the big chimney was for Law Mill.
Looking up Burnley Road to Knott Wood Viaduct on the Todmorden-Burnley 'Copy Pit' line. To the left the top storeys of Robinwood Mill.
Nott Wood Viaduct in the centre with Robinwood Mill to its right. To the right of the viaduct the former primary school now the Robinwood Activity Centre.
The 13 arch Nott Wood Viaduct, Lydgate, on the Todmorden-Burnley 'Copy Pit' line, completed 1849. Robinwood Mill on the left.
The station on the Todmorden-Burnley 'Copy Pit' line opened in 1849 and closed in 1958. Seem here looking up the line towards Burnley.
Can you locate? Originally thought to be the road overbridge at Copy Pit looking North West and the second bridge seen through the arch would be commensurate with that although the two bridges were further apart than they appear to be here. Further…
The station on the 'Copy Pit Line' from Todmorden to Burnley opened in 1878 some 30 years after the line and the station closed in 1938.
The station was opened at the same time as the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway's line between Todmorden and Burnley in 1849. It was closed in 1930.
The bridge, seen here looking SE in the Todmorden direction, is about quarter of a mile up from the former Portsmouth station and carries a lane from the A646 up to a farm. The loop line on the left has now been lifted.
The small colliery at the summit of the steeply graded Todmorden-Burnley line after which it is named. Seen here looking SE towards Todmorden the main road, now the A646, is the other side of the wall centre left. The bridge on the right carried a…
The small colliery at the summit of the Todmorden-Burnley line after which it is named. The steeply graded line was opened by the Lancashire Railway in 1849. Seen here looking NW towards Burnley. On the right people are walking on the…
View over the town from the north hillside. Scout Rocks are on the left, with Scout Road School below.
Looking down on the town, with the Unitarian Church on the left and the gable of the Town Hall nearly centre.
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