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The Town Hall opened in 1875 and the statue of John Fielden, seen here, was moved to Fielden Square in 1890.
The Garden of Remembrance and War Memorial in Centre Vale Park, which was unveiled on 9th October 1921. The area, which was originally the kitchen garden for Centre Vale Mansion, includes statuary by the sculptor Gilbert Bayes. Nearby is the statue…
In memory of his activities, a statue was originally erected by Todmorden Town Hall in 1875. It was then moved to Fielden Square in 1890. It was moved to its present location in Centre Vale Park in 1939.
Slide 8 - There are some delightful old flower gardens attached to the Hall. In front of one of the greenhouses, there is a curious statue of a Negro, kneeling, and supporting a tablet with a sundial on the top, with the motto -

'Let others tell…
Slide 5 - On the right are several specimens of cypresses and a couple of beautiful cedars. On the north side of the Hall is the historic bowling green at which Charles 1 passed five consecutive days in his favourite amusements, while waiting for…
Slide 4 - On the lawn towards the west of the house is a statue in Roman dress of the first Sir Richard Graham commemorating his services in the Royal cause at Edge Hill, where he lay wounded all night.
Slide 3 - A fine marble monument to Archbishop Tillotson
Slide 6 - Entering the house by the door in the west wing we are shown into the Entrance Hall, or Gallery, which was added, as stated, the 18th century by Vanbrugh.

It conforms in all its details to the severely classic style prevailing at that…
Local History Society outing, 4.9.1988. PH14.
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