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Title: Charlestown - Whiteley Arches c.1890. - RDA00140

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Charlestown - Whiteley Arches c.1890. - RDA00140


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Behind the viaduct is Calderside Mill built in the 1820s by John Whiteley, after whom the viaduct came to be named. Reputedly it had the tallest chimney in the valley.

The bridge over the canal was a very early skew bridge and also one of the very first 'bow-string' bridges to be built, but it was replaced in 1939 by the metal trough bridge we see today.

The valley is so narrow at this point that to accommodate road, canal and railway, the river had to be culverted under the road.


Rene Dawson


PHDA - Rene Dawson Collection




“Charlestown - Whiteley Arches c.1890. - RDA00140,” Pennine Horizons Digital Archive, accessed May 25, 2018, http://pennine-horizons.org.uk/items/show/24851.

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