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Title: Weston Hall, the parish Stocks - HLS06047

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Weston Hall, the parish Stocks - HLS06047


Gun, People, Stocks, Gamekeeper


Slide 11 - Weston, though historically speaking, a parish, has now the appearance of a diminutive but scattered hamlet. Few buildings are visible, and a the top of the village, beneath the shadow of a magnificent old elm tree, are the old village stocks. Standing nigh to these is the 89 year old veteran (1912) gamekeeper, Joseph England, who told me that he had been 57 years in the service of the Dawson family of Weston Hall, and during that period had seen the demise of four owners of the Estate, members of the Dawson family. Most of the trophies, consisting of stags' heads, and other spoils of the chase, which we have seen inside the Hall, had fallen to his gun, he alone, being responsible for 84 head of deer.


George Hepworth


Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society


1905 , 1900s


PHDA - Hebden Bridge Local History Society




George Hepworth, “Weston Hall, the parish Stocks - HLS06047,” Pennine Horizons Digital Archive, accessed March 24, 2018, http://pennine-horizons.org.uk/items/show/7440.

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