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A local carter and his team hauling a load towards the upland; this often required the assistance of one or more chain horses, as illustrated here.

With the use of water power, the output of cloth increased. This increase in trade saw the opening…
Tinted lithograph of the station by A. F. Tait from his book 'Views on the Manchester & Leeds Railway, published in 1845. This section of the line had opened in October 1840.
Tinted lithograph of Whitely Arches by A. F. Tait from his book 'Views on the Manchester & Leeds Railway' published in 1845. The valley is so narrow at this point with the river, canal and turnpike all squeezed into the valley bottom that with the…
Lithograph by A. F. Tait dated 1845 from Views of the Manchester & Leeds Railway. Drawn from Nature and stone.
The Todmorden viaduct, laid out on a curve, comprising nine spans. The stone came from Lobb Quarry, near Dobroyd Castle. Drawing by A. F. Tait
The skew bridge passing over the Rochdale Canal at Gauxholme with a clear span of 101 ft. The castellated abutments of solid masonry were brought from Knowlwood Quarry. Along with Whiteley Arches at Charlestown this was one of the first bow string…
A general view from Holebottom showing the railway cutting across the centre of the town. Clearly visible on the right are Christ Church and its Vicarage. The former Ridgefoot Mill complex can be seen abutting the viaduct.

From a lithograph by…
Winners of the Yorkshire Rugby Union Challenge Cup, Season 1899-1900. Inset, L to r: R.W. Collinson, D.G. Wheelwright. Standing: G.B. Whitaker (President), W.W. Cunliffe (Hon Treasurer), P. Carter, E.F. Fookes, H. Clark, W. Newell, C. Milnes, G.…

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The Maritime Museum, St George's Quay, Lancaster. 19th Oct 1989 - PNH00215
The message of Eat More Fruit and Keep Fit was certainly better than another fad of the 1920s, which advised people to actively smoke instead of eating, as it was though to help some physical problems. Many began using them as an appetite suppressant…
A beautifully staged portrait, probably by Ada Westerman.
Aerial view if Elland in 1977
Aerial view of Halifax. Left of centre is Halifax General Hospital.
Top of the Buttress. You can see gravestones from the former Cross Lanes Methodist Chapel. The newly built houses are at the top of moss Lanes.
Pecket Shed in the background, Pecket Well Chapel to the right.
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